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Jason Holliston
Monday, May 24, 2004  
Update On Fallujah

W. Thomas Smith Jr. from the National Review was sharp enough to notice and post the transcript of an important press conference held late last week. In it, Fallujah's mayor, the commanding general of the Fallujah Brigade, and Major General James N. Mattis gave a talk and then answers to the presses questions. It's really good stuff, and if you're concerned about how we're handling things in the Sunni Triangle, required reading.

Of course, the press couldn't stop themselves -- they just had to ask about the "wedding party" incident last week, even though the conference was about the Sunni Triangle and specifically about Fallujah. This is how you deal with questions like that:

Unnamed Reporter: What happened yesterday at 3 a.m. in Al Qaim? Was there a wedding on? A wedding celebration?

Gen. Mattis: You joined us a little late, as I said to the young lady here, I said how many people how many people go to the desert 10 miles from the Syrian border and hold a wedding 80 miles from the nearest civilization? Over two-dozen military-aged males... let's not be naïve. Let's leave it at that.

Great stuff -- sounds a bit like our Secretary of Defense. Note that Maj. Gen. Mattis was featured prominently in "The March Up", which I reviewed on this blog last year. He's done a fantastic job for our country.

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