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Jason Holliston
Monday, May 17, 2004  
One Stop Shop

Even to this day, I walk around my office and hear people talk about the justifications for the Iraq War. I hear the same old arguments that were discredited long ago juggled about like toys from a McDonald's Happy Meal. I live in Portland, Oregon, after all, where leftists are leftists and facts are as malleable as clay.

So, when I read this post from Porphyrogenitus, I had to link it. It's a point-by-point attack on the anti-war's usual arguments that were against the war. You should read it, without regard to your opinion about said military action.

I should note, again, that there are indeed arguments against the Iraq War that aren't ridiculous or flat-out lies. I've even read them in the past, but all too rarely. This is due to the real reason behind most people's anti-war bias -- distrust of Western civilization and America specifically.

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