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Jason Holliston
Friday, May 21, 2004  
Interesting Link Day

I know that you all have way too much time on your hands. Am I right? Here's a few interesting things you can use to fill your day.

First up is Victor Davis Hanson, "A Mixed Report: Grading the War". That, along with today's weekly National Review piece by him, "Season of Apologies", should keep you busy for a while, and it's guaranteed to make you smarter.

Next up is a plea to Congress and the media from Mort Kondracke on, warning that we could talk ourselves into defeat in Iraq. It's right on target. This is one Vietnam parallel that is potentially true, and we should be extremely wary of.

Also, we have a column from no other than Senator Fritz Hollings about why, when you boil it down, the Jews are responsible for the world's ills. Anti-Semitism in the U.S. Senate? Shocking! I'm sure he'll step down in shame any day now. What a moonbat (and if the column makes a lot of sense to you, I can find a good therapy group for you -- just let me know).

One last thing: on this day six years ago, an expelled student, Kipland Kinkel, in Springfield, Oregon, killed 2 people and wounded 25 others with a semi-automatic rifle. Hope you're having a great time in prison, Kip. Don't write.

That's it for today. I have half a day left of work before the weekend is here, so I better go and attempt to earn my pay.

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