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Jason Holliston
Friday, May 14, 2004  
Eloquent Perspective

I haven't linked to Victor Davis Hanson in a while, so I'm going to today. This is a good time to do it, too. His weekly, Friday post on National Review Online is spectacular -- it says what I've been saying, but about a thousand times more eloquent and broad.

The idea that anyone would suggest that Donald Rumsfeld Â? and now Richard Meyers! Â? should step down, in the midst of a global war, for the excesses and criminality of a handful of miscreant guards and their lax immediate superiors in the cauldron of Iraq is absurd and depressing all at once.

What would we think now if George Marshall had been forced out on news that 3,000 miles away George S. Patton's men had shot some Italian prisoners, or Gen. Hodges's soldiers summarily executed German commandoes out of uniform, or drivers of the Red Ball express had raped French women? Should Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Colin Powell have been relieved from his command for the February 12-13, 1991, nocturnal bombing of the Al Firdos compound in Baghdad, in which hundreds of women and children of Baathist loyalists were tragically incinerated and pictures of their corpses broadcast around the world, prompting the United States to cease all further pre-planned and approved attacks on the elite in Saddam's bunkers throughout Baghdad? Of course not.

His knowledge of all things historical and his uncanny ability to draw embarrassing analogies for his detractors is, as always, amazing.

While I do see the need for the news cycles to spend a lot of time on the Abu Ghraib scandal, I think it's time we've moved on and focused upon what's going on in Iraq today. There's never enough of that. When all the facts come out, we should revisit it, but for now, there's a war on. Focusing too much on your mistakes in the past and not enough on the realities of the present cannot lead to good.

UPDATE: Last word on the Abu Ghraib story, I promise. This rebuttal to the congress members calling for Rummy's head is just too on target to not link to. It's called, "Prisoner Abuses and Bilateral Logic". Read it.

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