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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, May 05, 2004  
Double Standards

When I was on the east coast last week for my cousin's wedding, I met my aunt's best friend, who's her next door neighbor. I found that we shared a lot of political beliefs (he asked, "Have you ever heard of a neo-conservative?"). So, since then, he's been sending me articles that he thinks I might find interesting. Most of it is opinion with a Jewish-bent, but that makes sense, since he's, well, Jewish. I tend to be pretty pro-Israeli, so that's completely cool with me.

This piece, entitled, "And the world still remains silent" on, really struck a cord with me. While I was pretty disconnected from the daily news while on vacation, I still managed to pick up the atrocity committed in the Gaza Strip -- the killing of a very pregnant woman and her four young daughters. And, I've noticed how incredibly silent most of the media has been about it.

It's incredible how this double standard has seeped into a lot of Western thought over the past couple decades. If a couple IDF soldiers specifically and intentionally targeted five unarmed civilians and cut them down in the middle of the street in cold blood, the world would be up in arms. It would dominate the news cycle for days, it would bring rapid denunciation from world leaders, and I'm positive that the United Nations would churn out censures. Israel would be embarrassed before the world. And all of this would be correct in coming. But the tables turned? A quick few paragraphs in an AP article, and you're good to go -- it becomes the past, not the present.

The difference is who, in these people's eyes, "deserves it". In their mind, it's extremely simple: Israelis deserve to die, and the Palestinians don't. In many minds, it's not even anti-Semitic -- it's anti-Western civilization. But when you do add in the anti-Semitic part, the problem gets a lot worse, and the numbers increase. It's the same attitude that caused people to immediately start making excuses for the mass-murdering terrorists that killed thousands of innocents on 9/11. "Yes, it's horrible, but..." There's always a 'but' with these people.

UPDATE: has a heart-wrenching post about the killings in the Gaza Strip.

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