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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, May 11, 2004  
Been Sick

Missed my post yesterday due to a nasty case of food poisoning down on the Oregon coast. Probably the worst case of food poisoning I've had since high school, or even before. Horrible stuff. If you work in the food industry, listen: wash the damn lettuce before serving it to customers! My girlfriend also came down with the same, err, issue, so we're pretty sure where it came from. Not fun at all. Mostly recovered from that experience now, even though I'm still a bit sore.

Recovering from one, getting another -- bad luck runs in streaks. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, due to a growing pain in my chest when I cough. Seems as though I'm getting some sort of bacterial thing going on there, and I want to head it off before it turns into a five-day lay up. Maybe I'll catch a break soon.

My only political note for today is my continuing surprise by how much established bloggers are freaking out about the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse case. For some reason, normally level-headed people are screaming that the sky is falling. I don't get it. Here's a voice of reason, along the same lines of my previous post about the subject, from one of Andrew Sullivan's readers:

As one blogger has pointed out (I cannot recall who it was), approximately 500 U.S. soldiers were hanged in World War II for committing crimes in Europe. Did that mean the war to smash Hitler's empire was unjust? Of course not. In any large population, crimes are bound to happen.

So, did the Secretary of Defense during WWII get fired before some soldiers were dishonorable freaks?

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