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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, April 27, 2004  
Vacation Starts in Nine Hours

As of 6:20 AM tomorrow, I'm starting a quick vacation, and will very likely not be blogging (or have Internet access, for that matter). I'm flying from Portland, Oregon to Cape Cod, Mass. to attend my dear cousin Erica's wedding on Saturday. First, though, I'll be stopping off at Hartford, Connecticut for a couple days to spend time with my mother and her sister. I was born there, but moved when I was only three years old. I know that some people have an amazing memory for their early toddler-hood, but not me. I don't remember a single image from that period of my life, and I'm hoping that driving past where I used to live might job something deep down. I'd say it's pretty likely photos will be posted when I get back, which is always a good thing. Have a great week!

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