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Jason Holliston
Monday, April 19, 2004  
If Lileks Fisks You, HIDE

James Lileks is one of the best fiskers out there (fisking is taking to task someone's writing, piece by piece, and pointing out it's factual, logical, or political flaws). You don't want to have him take you to task. I haven't seen many people that can take someone apart like he can, and expose the cracks in their thinking so mercilessly. Well, Andrew Sullivan, someone I read daily and link to often, was his victim today.

Sullivan is a right-of-center columnist, and emigre from England. Last week, he wrote an article in Time advocating a dollar-a-gallon gas tax increase to help pay for the war and deficit. When I first read it, I was tempted to fisk it myself, but after reading Lilek's job, there's absolutely no point. Great stuff.

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