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Jason Holliston
Monday, April 12, 2004  
Hitting All Cylinders

Victor Davis Hanson has been doing some great work lately, and branching out to more and more forums for his opinions. As I've mentioned before, everyone should be reading the posts on his blog, The latest main piece reminds us that yes, we're in a war, not a police action, and we better keep acting like we want to win. I agree with one of the points: it's great being nice, but if you decide that something is important enough to go to war for -- and sacrifice American blood and treasure -- then it's important enough to win, even if you end up making some people angry. The article provides some balance for the apologists out there that keep insisting that we're the bad guy, and it's all our fault. You don't have to dig that keep to see how thin that veneer is.

His "Response to Readers" has some gems in it, as well. I especially like the following, which every knee-jerk anti-war protester should read and be forced to come up with some sort of rebuttal:

Question: Would you address what would happen if we "surrendered" to Al Qaeda - pulled out of the Middle East, and stopped supporting Israel?

Hanson: Armageddon as we know: Routine bombings the world over, an emasculated Europe selling horrific weapons in exchange for limited petroleum, Theocracy or Lebanization in even more countries, he Persian Gulf Sea lanes and other choke points near piratical, an Islamicist Pakistan or Iran choosing to take out Israel with nukes and quite willing to lose 1/2 of its population in the bargain. Pretty awful stuff.

Real stakes, people. Our soldiers are fighting a war just as important and noble as WWII, and don't forget it.

Finishing the VDH round-up, we have an online symposium over on, with several participants discussing possibilities as to why the Left has such a vitrolic hatred of our president. As one of the panelists, Mr. Hanson does a great job of defending President Bush on the War on Terror and the Iraq War. A long read, but very illuminating. Especially interesting is the difference between two anti-war personalities: Matthew Yglesias, a prominent lefty blogger, who has a fairly sane position, and Dr. As`ad AbuKhalil, a Berkeley political science professor, who has an incredibly insane position.

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