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Jason Holliston
Monday, April 05, 2004  
Celtic or Kerry Fan?

This is an odd entry for my blog, but I can't resist. When I was driving home today, I heard a great political joke on the Larry Elder Show (yes, you read that right -- a political joke).

Two guys were in Boston playing basketball together, when a pitbull attacked one of the players. The second, due to quick thinking, grabbed a sturdy piece of wood, wedged it under the dog's collar, and with great effort, broke the dogs neck. It so happened that a reporter had watched the entire event, so she rushed over to get a statement.

Taking her laptop out, she wrote the headline, "Celtics Fan Heroically Saves Friend From Rabid Dog". The hero of the day, looking over the reporter's shoulder, complained, "Hey, I'm not a Celtics fan!" The reporter apologized, and wrote instead, "John Kerry Fan Saves Friend From Rabid Dog". The man shakes his head, again correcting her, "No, no -- I'm not a fan of Kerry either."

The reporter looked confused. "I figure that being in Boston, people would be either Celtics or Kerry fans. What do you like?" The man replied, "Well, I'm a Houston Rockets fan, and I like George W. Bush." The reporter stared at the man for a few seconds, sat down, and wrote one last headline, "Crazed, Mentally Ill Man Sadistically Kills Defenseless Dog".


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