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Jason Holliston
Sunday, April 18, 2004  
British Hypocrisy

Over the weekend, Israel took another Hamas leader out by missile strike, and I couldn't support them more. Any country in Europe fighting al Qaeda has no right to judge Israel's actions, and sure enough, almost all of them are. Almost immediately after the assassination, Great Britain released a press statement condemning the killing. Huh? I seem to remember a little problem Merry Old England had a while back with some Irish terrorists. I seem to remember quite a bit of military operations designed to "take out" the IRA's leadership at the time, too. Did I just imagine this?

I want someone to explain to me how this isn't a prime example of hypocrisy on Britain's part. In the past, they annex Northern Ireland, making it their own territory. The Irish nationalists want their country whole, and some resort to terrorism to force Britain to give it back. Britain responds by fighting the terrorism, and yes, sometimes targeting the IRA leadership.

I know it's an extremely rough analogy, with the situations and tactics completely different (the IRA rarely targeted civilians, and never suicide bombers, among many other differences), but to act now as though Israel has no right to defend itself against Hamas -- a group that has in it's charter the goal of destroying the state of Israel -- is ridiculous. I hope someone with about a million more readers than I call them out on this one.

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