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Jason Holliston
Sunday, April 04, 2004  
Babylon 5 and Best Buy

This afternoon my roommate and I took a trip to Best Buy for a dual purpose. For myself, purchase the third season of Babylon 5, and for him, to purchase a new Sony receiver that he'd chosen as the replacement to our 10 year old receiver. First off, let me say that I think that Babylon 5 is one of the greatest stories told in the television medium. It's an extremely grandiose story of good versus evil, the new versus the old, and the light versus the darkness. It's sweeping story arc covers 5 years worth of TV, planned out from start to finish before the first word of the first screenplay was typed. I can't recommend it enough.

Getting it, and the receiver, turned out to be an exercise in patience. The first Best Buy we went to didn't have the third season in stock, of course. They had all the other released seasons, but not that one. Thankfully, another Best Buy on 82nd had a couple in stock, and yes, they'd hold one for me. Well, that's a half an hour or so gone. No big deal. My poor roommates issues with the store turned out to be more formidable. He had been given a nice sized gift card from his parents-in-law for his birthday, making the purchase of the new receiver much more financially possible. He wanted to buy it online, but for some very odd reason, the online Best Buy store doesn't accept the gift cards. Why, you ask? "For your convenience..." the email he received explained. Right. Of course. For my convenience. The color of the receiver he wanted (silver) wasn't stocked at the store -- they only had black (don't they know that silver is the new black?). So, he can get it delivered to the store, right? Well, no. You can only buy the silver one online. Right. Of course.

So, very likely, he'll be purchasing this receiver at another store, where he can get it cheaper. I bought the gift card from him (heck, I need seasons four and five, right?), and he'll use my cash to buy it somewhere else. Doesn't Best Buy pay really smart people to make sure that when a customer wants to give them money, they can? Guess not. Just people that think they're smart, more likely.

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