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Jason Holliston
Thursday, March 18, 2004  
Springtime Part Deux

Yesterday, I signed up for a free account with Fotki, Web service that lets you post your photos online. It's a life saver, really. I take lots of photos (that seems to happen when you get a digital camera -- no film costs), but since I have my Internet connection through Comcast cable, it's not as easy to create a Web page on your machine as it used to be, like when I had DSL. Oh, and I only have a laptop, now.

So, tonight I'm experimenting a bit with linking to some photos I posted. The following are a couple pictures I took on Tuesday off of SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon on my way home from work. The first is a rather interesting tree (monkey tree, I was told, or something like that), and the next is a simple spring bloom photo. Tell me what you think!

Update: The photos should now be showing up fine. Shows me for not reading the fine print before signing up for the free account option at Fotki. Apparently, the free accounts disallow external linking, which took me a while to figure out. The annual fee is $30 for the premium account, which I decided to shell out -- it includes unlimited storage space for your photos. Pretty good deal -- my friends and family can keep up on my photography, I can link from this blog, and most importantly, have a backup in case my laptop gets dropped into a vat of concentrated acid. Whew.

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