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Jason Holliston
Monday, March 15, 2004  
Spanish Pain

I can't bring myself to blame the Spanish too much -- al-Qaeda (if it was them, which I personally believe) timed this just right. The nation was still in pain -- still struggling to understand what had happened -- when the elections came upon them. I talked to a friend today about it, and while he's been a staunch supporter of the war effort, he did confess that in the long days after 9/11, he might have voted to appease as well. The Spanish just don't have the Jacksonian history that we do. Unfortunately, this will only embolden our enemies. Expect more death in Europe at the hands of these murderers, especially as elections are due.

It did get me thinking about the reasons why al-Qaeda did this. News articles quote two reasons: they were part of the coalition in the Iraq War, and they crusaders, specifically driving the Moors out of Spain hundreds of years ago. Fine. Great. I do believe that these reasons bumped them up the priority list of targets, but there's a third reason: they aren't a Taliban-style Islamic government. The problem with leaving that one out is the first two reasons imply a guilt that some Westerners can understand. "If we couldn't have done A, they wouldn't have done B, and we would all live a long and happy life together." If only it were that simple.

All the first two above reasons did was bump you up the list, not put you there. Just about every country on the face of the planet is on their list, as they've proven recently with bombings in Saudi Arabia. These anti-war people need to ask themselves: are they willing to go all the way in their appeasement and guilt? Are they willing to live in Afghanistan circa early 2001 for no war?

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