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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, March 24, 2004  
Richard Clark: Non-Factor

I've been following the whole Richard Clark flap with some interest over the past several days, and have decided that the guy cannot be trusted (much like John Kerry) to say what he really thinks. I suspect that he doesn't even know himself, anymore. After 30 years working for the Federal government, playing that game -- well, sometimes the people that succeed are the people that have a knack for saying the right things to the right people -- with conviction -- all the while not considering what's right. Their first question that comes to their mind is, "What do they want to hear?", not, "What do they need to hear and what do I think?". He has all the signs of that sort of person.

The blogosphere has done a damn good job of making sure the facts are dug up and put under a bright, hot light. Instapundit, as always, has done a good job at gathering the information and putting it out there. I don't know how anyone that's been following this fiasco since it started can take this guy seriously any longer. I don't.

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