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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, March 03, 2004  
Democratic Party Chooses Kerry

Last night, John Kerry pretty much wrapped up the Democratic nomination for president -- sadly. John Edwards dropped out after losing the big states -- California and New York -- by a shockingly huge margin. I'm still surprised that the Democrats nominated an (effectively) anti-war candidate in a time of war. Amazing. Of course, lots of Democrats don't believe we're even in a war, and John Kerry certainly seems he feels that way as well. To him, all of this 9/11 business and the liberation of two countries were just an example of "reckless foreign policy". Is that what fighting Nazis in WWII boiled down to? Reckless foreign policy?

I would have considered voting for John Edwards, but over the past few months, I've heard enough from John Kerry to guarantee that there's nothing he can do to win my vote. Michael Totten agrees, and believe me, he's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. All the talk about the economy, gay rights, free trade, the deficit -- they're all important. But, all these things are completely pointless if you have smoking, radioactive craters where great American cities once stood. I apologize for being melodramatic, but if we approach this war like a police action, and act like if we just act nice to the world terrorist will stop wanting to kill us, that's a very likely scenario.

I'm sad to see that Andrew Sullivan has moved from being a single issue voter about the War on Terror to seemingly being a single issue voter about gay marriage. While I cannot put myself in his place since I'm not gay, and I certainly understand (as much as I can) that President Bush's politically-motivated speech last week was incredibly hurtful, I also know that full gay rights are an inevitability -- if not now, then someday soon. The survival of Western Civilization as we know it, sadly, is not.

For now, this blog officially supports George W. Bush in this fall's election.

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