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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, March 23, 2004  
Democracy In Action

I haven't been that active posting lately due to my newfound love of Fotki. I have a lot of photos to upload, and even with a cable modem, it takes a while. But, thanks to Instapundit, I read this column by Jonathan Rauch on the Reason site: Voting Bloc. Essentially, a large bloc of democratic nations, led by the U.S., are taking steps to bind together to create a U.N. within the U.N. It's beautiful, really, and about time. This really does counterbalance one of the great problems with the United Nations: that despotic nations, such as Libya and (formally) Iraq had a full vote, and pursued interests contrary to even their own populaces' interest. While real power within this bloc is likely way down the road, it's a great start. Thanks to both President Clinton and President Bush for pursuing this over the past five years.

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