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Jason Holliston
Sunday, February 01, 2004  
My Guy's Going To Lose...

Through Andrew Sullivan, who credited Daniel Drezner, I was pointed to a Web site called the Presidential Match Guide that has you answer a bunch of questions concerning your stance on about 40 or so current issues. You give it your answers, and it pops out it's best guess on what presidential candidate matches closest to your views. Run by AOL News and Time, it's actually a pretty good service, even though I'd love to see how their algorithms work in crunching all the data you give it.

I'm honestly surprised to find that it picked what was already my guys, if you don't include the non-starters like Sharpton, Kucinich, and Clark. It's first choice for me was Joe Lieberman at 100%, followed closely by President Bush at 93%, and finally with John Edwards as the next viable candidate at 89%. John Kerry and Howard Dean were the last place finishers in my matches. That matches just about perfectly with my opinions prior to this test. If Lieberman somehow won the nomination (about as likely as the Detroit Tigers winning next year's World Series), he'd almost certainly get my vote. Currently, while I would give John Edwards serious consideration, he and the President are about tied for my vote. John Kerry has almost no chance to win my vote, assuming the President doesn't mess up huge in the next 9 months.

The one thing missing from this questionnaire is being able to tell it that one issue by far outweighs everything else. For me, national security is that issue, so if I can't trust a candidate with that, there's essentially no chance of me voting for them. You can weigh issues in relation to others, but obviously not to the extent that I'd like it to. I mean, it actually put Kucinich as number 4, with him strongly opposing the Iraq War and wanting the immediate return of the troops, and to Hell with the consequences. Oh well -- these things are never perfect. Closer than I've seen so far, though, in this case. Give it a try.

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