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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, February 17, 2004  
Kerry, Uber Politician

Andrew Sullivan does a great job of fisking John Kerry's answers at the debate last Sunday. Not to make it sound like I think it's easy, but Sullivan probably found this fisk-job a little easier than normal. How anyone can take this guy seriously as a possible US president is beyond me. Here's an example of one of his answers:

GILBERT: Let me turn to you, Senator Kerry, because you said your vote wasn't a vote for what the president ultimately did. But you did vote to give him the authority, so do you feel any degree, any degree of responsibility for the war and its costs and casualties?

KERRY: This is one of the reasons why I am so intent on beating George Bush and why I believe I will beat George Bush, because one of the lessons that I learned -- when I was an instrument of American foreign policy, I was that cutting-edge instrument. I carried that M- 16.

I know what it's like to try to choose between friend and foe in a foreign country when you're carrying out the policy of your nation.

Huh? Did the interviewer ask you if you thought George Bush was qualified to be Commander-In-Chief? No, he didn't, but that's what you heard. What a joke. Now, I understand that no successful politician that I can remember hardly ever answers questions directly and concisely. They deal in talking points and general ideas they want to get across, and use questions as a door to getting to those subjects. Still, the amount of duplicity and evasiveness that John Kerry uses is well beyond what I'm used to. George Bush certainly doesn't answer all questions with complete directness, but compared to Kerry, he's as straight talking as a Nebraskan farmer.

Today's results in Wisconsin give me some hope, though. Perhaps the Democratic faithful are doing a double take and seeing what a fake John Kerry really is.

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