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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, February 03, 2004  
Democrats Again Choose Mediocrity

So, John Kerry again won big tonight, taking 5 out of the 7 states up for grab. While John Edwards did win big in South Carolina, and that fake Wesley Clark squeaked by with a win in Oklahoma, this makes a Kerry challenge to the President in November a near-certainty. I wouldn't write off Edwards completely just yet -- his big win means something -- but clearly it's no more than a slim chance. Perhaps he can build on his win and almost-win right up to Super Tuesday early next month, and mount a great come-from-behind victory. I hope so, for choice's sake.

In other news, my favorite Democratic candidate (and the only one that would almost definitely get my vote), Joe Lieberman wasn't competitive anywhere and gracefully dropped out of the race. Some people explain his failure this year as a result of his conservatism. I think it's just that he's not charismatic enough for today's electorate. I wish him well.

It's sad, really. In their narrow quest to defeat George Bush, the Democrats have apparently chosen someone who epitomizes Washington, D.C. culture, with all the position-by-poll mentality, special interest pandering, and lame, polemic speeches that go along with it. How uninspiring. I believe that if Kerry is in the White House come January, it will be because President Bush lost the race, not because Kerry won (which is entirely possible, from what I've seen lately).

While I personally wouldn't trust Howard Dean with our national defense (who is also effectively finished as of tonight), Andrew Sullivan makes a case for him, and in tandem, a case against Kerry in an essay on Time's Web site. Michael J. Totten also made a case for John Edwards a while ago, and for the most part, I agree with him. Out of all the blogs I read, though, I haven't seen anyone excited about John Kerry.

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