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Jason Holliston
Sunday, February 08, 2004  
Andrew Sullivan on HBO

This weekend I was fortunate enough to see Andrew Sullivan as a panelist on Real Time With Bill Maher. This was the first time I'd seen him in the flesh, and to tell you the truth, he wasn't what I expected. The biggest thing missing was his accent -- you could barely tell he was raised in Great Britain. My roommate asked me if he was from Down Under after half the show was over. I've seen Christopher Hitchens on programs before -- another writer/columnist emigre from Great Britain -- and he has much more of an accent. Interesting. I wonder why some people lose accent much more in totality than others.

So, in short, he did a great job, considering he was in enemy territory. Bill Maher is usually sane, but once in a while he goes off the deep end with his anti-Bush politics. Probably the highlight of the show was Maher making a crack about how Iraq wasn't a threat, and Sullivan just going off on him, asking if the families of those that had been slaughtered by his regime thought that Saddam wasn't a threat. Maher cut it off pretty quickly, wanting to go back to his original topic, and then eventually apologized for making the crack in the first place, just to move things along the scripted lines. Beautiful stuff.

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