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Jason Holliston
Friday, January 30, 2004  
Winning A Difficult Peace

Victor Davis Hanson hits another out of the ballpark with a new essay on National Review Online. To put the current difficulties in Iraq into perspective, it's a must read. Even though he historically hails from the Left, he presents cutting remarks on his once-compatriots:

Only the ossified Left is shameless enough to have screamed for one year that we were after the petroleum of Iraq, and then harangue that we are breaking our treasury through foreign reconstruction, hoodwinked into thinking Arab natural resources might instead have shouldered the costs of mammoth aid.

Only the ossified Left objects to American foreign aid if it involves first taking out fascists and mass murderers in the bargain.

Only the ossified Left for a year condemned Afghanistan as either hopeless or immoral, but now claims that, in comparison to Iraq, it was a necessary and understandable multilateral response all along.

And only the ossified Left could decry poor intelligence for prompting us to go into Iraq, and then suggest we should have acted earlier on poorer intelligence prior to 9/11, as they now suggest with regard to North Korea.

Beautiful. Are you listening John Kerry?

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