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Jason Holliston
Monday, January 19, 2004  
John Kerry Wins

So, the Iowa caucuses are over, and John Kerry won with John Edwards a close second. Howard Dean and Wesley Clark, two of the most anti-war candidates (that possibly could win) lost resoundingly. Wow. I love it when I see conventional wisdom go down the drain.

I must say that for the first time in my life, there is a slight possibility of voting Democrat this fall. Not much, mind you, because of a thousand reasons (about a hundred of which I've gone into on this blog). But a chance, yes. I respect our President greatly, and I was very much behind the Iraq War, and for staying tough in the world of despots and decreases. Still, if a Democratic candidate comes out on top that I believe wouldn't flinch when it came to protecting our nation (like Lieberman, for example), they have my vote.

Why, you ask? Three main reason: first, the deficit and run-away spending that has nothing to do with the protection of this nation. It's amazing to say, but I believe that almost any of the Democratic candidates would do a better job with the budget than President Bush has. He couldn't care less, and I do. The Medicare fiasco is a perfect example of this. If we were running a balanced budget, I wouldn't be so hard on him, but with a 400 billion dollar deficit? Ouch. Second, his hard conservative stance (in the true sense of the word) on social issues. Gay marriage is the ultimate barometer here, and when he said that he'd actually consider supporting an amendment to ban homosexual marriage, well, that scares the Hell out of me. Third, the lackluster job he's done homeland security. Sure, we haven't had an attack since 9/11, but even I can see the gigantic holes in our security. The border with Mexico (which I wrote about last week) is a perfect example of this problem. Secure the border! This shouldn't be a difficult decision to come to. Instead, it's as porous as ever, and a perfect opportunity for our enemies to exploit.

So, we'll see what happens over the next 10 or so months. Maybe the President will get his act together. More likely, the Democrats will elect someone who doesn't say, "Mr. President, you've done an OK job, and I agree with your War on Terror and the Iraq War, but I could do much, much better, and here's how...", but, "Mr. President, we need to always work through the U.N., even with France is holding the only veto. We shouldn't have gone to Iraq and should get out now, regardless of the consequences." You get the idea. Like Howard Dean or Wesley Clark.

Update: Michael Totten agrees with me (more or less). I want to see what Andrew Sullivan says on this topic -- he's been a major force among right-leaning bloggers attacking the President on his fiscal and social policy. No word yet.

Update: I guess this counts, Mr. Sullivan:

For a cultural liberal, fiscal conservative like me, Bush's only current advantage over a centrist Democrat is his conduct of the war on terror. What we'll see in the next few weeks is if the Dems can see this. It's grim news for Bush if they can.

Yep, that pretty much covers it, doesn't it?

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