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Jason Holliston
Friday, January 30, 2004  
John Kerry Looking For A Knock-Out Blow?

According to this Reuters article, it looks like four days before the next set of primaries, John Kerry is set to win another couple states. In fact, he's in the running for all of them, assuming the momentum he has continues. The implosion of the Democrats continues. Don't get me wrong -- he's probably a more logical and sane choice than Howard Dean -- for lack of a better term, he's not quite as far "out there". But still, his hopes of winning the Presidency, assuming something horrible doesn't happen to the country in the next nine or so months, is pretty slim.

It all comes down to his insistence of attacking the idea of going to Iraq at all -- not the way we've been doing it so far, but the very idea of removing Saddam Hussein. Good way of winning a primary, but I don't think he'll be able to shake it if he gets the nomination. In a general election, it doesn't matter that 75% of Democrats vote for his due to their hatred of GW Bush. What matter is that 55% of the voting public won't trust John Kerry with national security, regardless of how they feel about our current President's domestic policies (of which I'm the first in line to criticize). It's about national security, stupid.

I think John Edwards would have a real shot of being the next President, if only the Democrats would open their eyes. Note that I want a viable candidate, and a real race that brings out the real issues facing this country to the table, and not fantasies about Halliburton or Afghan pipelines. John Kerry doesn't fit the bill. If he get the election, it'll be the Bush-haters versus the Bush-lovers, with the independents, for the most part, being forced to give GW four more years.

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