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Jason Holliston
Friday, January 02, 2004  
Happy New Year 2004!

Well, 2004 is upon us, and it's guaranteed to be interesting, to say the least. This year will hold many things. It's an U.S. presidential election year, and we'll see if our incumbent can hold off the Democratic contender in about 10 months. We'll also see many governing and security duties handed over to the Iraqi people -- hopefully for the better. Are they ready for the responsibility? We'll see, because I don't see our level of involvement in Iraq increasing leading up to the election. This year will also mark the third anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. As a people, Americans will need to stay vigilant, even (perhaps, especially) without further major terrorist attacks. I keep hearing how short the American people's memory is -- so, this will be another test. I also predict that this year will be a boom year for the economy, the stock market, and will mark the surging return of the software and hardware industries, which I belong to. Perhaps, though, that's just pure hope. In any case, I can promise that it'll be interesting, and that many surprises -- both good and bad -- await us.

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