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Jason Holliston
Monday, December 08, 2003  
South Park Republicans

I've been seeing this moniker travel around blogs that I read for a while now. This column is one of the better explanations of the phenomenon. It's especially interesting to me, since in 2003, I'm probably more of a SPR than I am a Libertarian (which, in the 90's, I was unashamed to call myself). The author points out a big reason why Libertarians are becoming disillusioned with their old party, and seeking new tents to go under:

Until 9/11, the Libertarians had a lock on those who knew they weren’t conservative but weren’t left-liberals. Two things happened following 9/11 regarding this issue. One, young people who were just going through the motions as “conservatives” but who had never contributed to the face of the Republican Party suddenly energized, jumped into view, and changed the face of the party to be younger, hipper and a little rough around the edges. Two, many former Libertarians jumped ship following the LP’s limp response to terrorism.

Number two just about explains my reasoning for not calling myself a true Libertarian any longer. I'm free trade, minimal government, a big supporter of the Bill of Rights. Republican, right? Well, I'm against discrimination of any minority, be it Jewish, Catholic, gay, or black, I'm for drug medicalization/legalization (depending on the drug) and fiercely against the death penalty. Oh, I must be Democrat, then, right? Lastly, I'm very much for prosecuting the War on Islamic Fascism and terror, which is the number one area I part with the LPO (Libertarian Party Organization) on. So, yeah, South Park Republican it is, I guess.

Even though I definitely have my problems with some of the President's choices lately, he comes through with flying colors on the last point of the last paragraph, and will thereby likely get my vote, making him the first non-Libertarian candidate I'll have voted for in over a decade.

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