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Jason Holliston
Thursday, November 06, 2003  
Yes, It's About Liberty

President Bush gave a knockout speech today, and everyone that didn't hear it should read it line by line, word by word. Don't skim it, and make sure you think about each point he makes. This is good stuff. This is the kind of speech that transcends partisan politics and just speaks to the world what America is all about. And yes, to people that don't believe it, it's really that easy for most of us -- we fight for freedom and liberty.

The sacrifices of Americans have not always been recognized or appreciated, yet they have been worthwhile. Because we and our allies were steadfast, Germany and Japan are democratic nations that no longer threaten the world. A global nuclear standoff with the Soviet Union ended peacefully -- as did the Soviet Union. The nations of Europe are moving towards unity, not dividing into armed camps and descending into genocide. Every nation has learned, or should have learned, an important lesson: Freedom is worth fighting for, dying for, and standing for -- and the advance of freedom leads to peace.

Yes, damn it. That's it. In their freedom and liberty, we find our security. The Germans may not agree with us all of the time, and the French might go so far as to outright block us diplomatically on the international arena. Still, these countries do not breed terrorists that kill our people. They don't use chemical weapons on their people. They don't invade their neighbors. That's the vision for the Middle East, and it's one worth fighting -- and dying -- for.

UPDATE: Other personalities across the Web agree that this speech was important, and a long time coming (most links courtesy of Instapundit): Andrew Sullivan, Daniel W. Drezner, Darren Kaplan, Jonah Goldberg, Michael J. Totten, and Pejmanesque.

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