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Jason Holliston
Monday, November 10, 2003  
One More Matrix

I saw the Matrix Revolutions over the weekend, and I thought the movie was good, but not great. Some of the acting was wooden, and the plot, especially near the end, did leave much to be desired. Lots of questions unanswered. Still, the special effects were groundbreaking, the dark vision of the future compelling, and some acting (like Agent Smith), was downright spectacular. It won't go down in my Top 10, but it's without a doubt worth eight bucks for the sheer escapism of the movie. A couple great non-critic reviews that will help -- read James Lileks post last week before you see it, and read this bright post on Yahoo! after you see it.

Note: I can't reach The Bleat right now for some reason, but the post you should read is from Friday, November 7th, 2003. I'll add the link tomorrow morning directly if it's back up.

UPDATE: Direct link to last Friday's Bleat added.

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