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Jason Holliston
Monday, November 03, 2003  
Economic Growth Rhetoric

Finally, the economy seems to be growing at a nice clip -- over 7% the last quarter -- indicating that the recession is over. Inventory levels are low, consumer and business-to-business orders are up, probably leading to livable-wage job creation soon. Undoubtedly, this is great news for President Bush, and bad news for whoever wins the Democratic nomination. They were banking on the economy being an attack point, and that's being apparently taken away from their arsenal.

The rhetoric may diminish a bit, but it will continue. I'd like to present my take on both sides' economic growth platforms -- both Republican and Democratic. You hear speeches from the President saying that tax cuts are the best way to get the economy going, and then you hear the Democrats say that increased public works programs (think New Deal) are the best way to get the economy going. Here's the fact, though -- they both work. Any pol that tries to tell you differently is spinning, and knows better. You talk to economists, and there's a long standing argument about which one works more efficiently. It's never been really been agreed upon, but that's OK. Both sides agree that if you put a bunch of money into the economy, it'll help. It seems pretty obvious to me, too.

So, what it really comes down to is fairness, or what is the morally correct action to take. Forgive me if I spin this myself, but this is way I see it. The Democratic option is taking money from the people, deciding what the priorities they money should meet, and then doling it out. The Republican option is cutting taxes, letting the people decide what they wish to do with it -- save it, go on a vacation, buy a new car or house, buy an iPod, or whatever. Remember, they both work -- which one works better is up for argument, but they both work. Which one is fairer?

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