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Jason Holliston
Friday, October 24, 2003  
A Primer on Zionism

Written by Nelson Ascher, the column "Zionism As A Reluctant Nationalism" is a refutation of Ton Judt's "Israel: The Alternative", the piece written by one of the main personalities behind this "back door peace plan" between unrecognized channels in Israel and the Palestine Territories. I highly recommend the read, especially if, when you hear the word "Zionism", you have a knee-jerk negative reaction. Choice quote:

Zionism, thus, wasn’t nationalism as a first or preferential option, but as a last resort, and it was resisted by the majority of the Jews until the Holocaust. This makes of Zionism not a late-coming traditional European nationalism, but something absolutely new in the world-scene, actually a pioneering movement. While most earlier nationalisms were, in some measure, fundamentally aggressive, Zionism was the first totally defensive project to create a nation-state.

Since Zionism and the State of Israel itself are such emotionally charged subjects, it's difficult sometimes to get the truth, and not some hate-filled propaganda. This is a good start of the truth, for the uninitiated. A good second step would be here.

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