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Jason Holliston
Thursday, October 30, 2003  
Gender Genie Algorithm

Blogs such as Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit, and Virginia Postrel's Dynamist Blog have been talking about the Gender Genie today, a Web site that features an algorithm that predicts your sex based on certain keywords you use in your writing. Interesting idea, and one that claims an 80% success rate.

Thankfully, Gender Genie agrees with me that I am, yes, a male. I had a male score of 6183 and a female score of 2316. Pretty manly. Out of curiousity, I entered the last column by Ann Coulter. She had a male score of 3131 and a female score of 1754 -- ouch. When I told the page that the algorithm got it the gender wrong this time, it said, "That is one butch chick." Heh.

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