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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, October 29, 2003  
The American Hegemony

James D. Miller writes in Tech Central Station that in his opinion, American dominance on the world's stage is going to stay -- at least for another 30 years. Read it; it's essentially a piece disputing an earlier piece written by another regular TCS writer, James Pinkerton, which predicts American power being balanced soon by China on one side, and Germany/France/Russia on the second side of a three-power world. Here's the paragraph that made me want to post this:

Although Pinkerton writes "The reality of China's economic surge is so obvious that one needn't spend time rehashing the data," I wouldn't trust any data coming from a country that would cover up the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS and SARS. The epidemic of corruption in China will likely prevent her ever obtaining first-world status. In fact, China will become rich enough to challenge the U.S. only if she becomes a free enough society that she will no longer have any strategic interest in becoming an American rival.

I think he hits the nail on the head, right there. China may not be truly Communist any longer, but they are a totalitarian state, with all the nasty side effects of one. Politically, socially, and economically free societies will always win out in the end.

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