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Jason Holliston
Saturday, August 16, 2003  
Play Ball!

I'm leaving in 15 minutes to drive up north to see my team, the Boston Red Sox play the formidable Seattle Mariners. Pedro Martinez, indisputably one of the great pitchers of the past decade, is pitching for the Sox, so we should be in for a show. Since I love the Red Sox, but live in Oregon, I rarely get to see my team live (no matter on TV, which is also pretty rare), so this is quite a treat for me. The day's only that much better, though, waking up to the news that Idi Amin is dead. Anyone that doesn't recognize the name should do a little Web research on the guy's murderous rule of Uganda during the 1970's. He is just the type of horrible person that America stands against: the very antithesis of our freedom and way of life. What a great day... now, if I only can manage not to get a speeding ticket on the drive to Seattle. Have a great Saturday!

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