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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 21, 2003  
Palestinian Doublespeak

It should be interesting to see how many talking heads will fall for Hamas' doublespeak today. Reuters sure isn't challenging it in this news article. This morning, Israel struck back after 20 civilians were murdered in a bombing on a bus in Jerusalem yesterday. The Hamas political leader and his two bodyguards were killed by a helicopter missile strike. Note that no innocents were killed, unlike yesterday's attack. Here's what Hamas had to say:

"The assassination of Abu Shanab ... means that the Zionist enemy has assassinated the truce and the Hamas movement holds the Zionist enemy fully responsible for the consequences of its crime," Ismail al-Haniyah told reporters in Gaza.

What are you talking about? What truce? Your group (or your brother group, the Islamic Jihad) just "assassinated" the truce yesterday, you greasy bastard! That's like punching someone, and then when you get punched back, running to Mom complaining that "they" started it. Then there's this:

"Israel's continuation of this escalatory policy will ... weaken the Palestinian Authority's ability to restore calm and to move on to the political process," Information Minister Nabil Amr said in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Alright, first off, I don't see killing three Hamas members in retaliation for the killing of 20 civilians on a bus can be considered "escalatory". Secondly, the day that the Palestinian Authority said that it was unwilling and unable to disarm the terrorist groups (way back in June), their ability to "move on to the political process" was finished. That's required in the peace plan, and yesterday's events prove why it's so necessary. The Information Minister also had this to say:

"This attack is irresponsible and takes us back to the cycle of violence which the Palestinian Authority is trying to avoid."

Again, don't you think that 20 civilians being murdered by a suicide bomber counts as "taking us back to the cycle of violence"? Enough of this -- up with the security fence.

For a brighter note to this Thursday morning, all you have to do is look east of Palestine and Jordan:

Saddam Cousin 'Chemical Ali' Caught in Iraq

Ali Hassan al-Majid, a feared cousin of Saddam Hussein nicknamed "Chemical Ali" for his use of poison gas in attacks, has been captured by U.S. forces in Iraq the U.S. military said on Thursday.

Got you, you sick bastard.

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