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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 21, 2003  
A Libertarian's Perspective

Tim Cavanaugh writes an interesting opinion piece about the debates within the libertarian ranks over the Iraq War. As a person that aligns myself more with libertarian beliefs than I do Republican or Democrat, I find it to be a pretty interesting read, especially how we describes the different libertarian sects, and what they want out of it. I do have issues with his claim that, "As the practical reasons for the Iraqi war have been discredited...". I don't think it has in the least. Don't forget that links between Saddam's government and Al Qaeda have been shown conclusively. Also, finding Mig-25's buried 20 feet under the desert just underlines how incredibly difficult it will be to find hidden WMD.

As an aside, I align myself more to the libertarian way of thinking purely based on ideological reasons, understanding full well that it hasn't been shown that all aspects of American life can be answered by such ideology. It's still ok to dream, though, isn't it? If Schwarzenegger can be labeled something like a "squishy conservative", I can certainly invent some label for myself. Call me a pragmatic libertarian. Nice ring, eh?

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