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Jason Holliston
Friday, August 15, 2003  
Hillary Clinton Speaks on the Blackouts

ScrappleFace has the scoop on the state of our power grid, as related by Senator Hillary Clinton. It turns out that ScrappleFace didn't have to change that many words for their satire.

Hit & Run has the real quotes by Hillary, as spoken on the Larry King Show. Perhaps the blame game won't be played too much this time, and if it does, petty politics and spin won't be used to a ridiculous extent. Right.

I happen to think that making sure we have a reliable, affordable system of energy is a national priority. And I don't think that this administration sees it that way. They have continued to try to push deregulation and privatization, and to try to undo a lot of the systems in changes that many of us thought were important and necessary that we tried to work on during the Clinton administration under Secretary Richardson's leadership.

Does this remind anyone of the Democrats laying the recession completely at President Bush's feet? We can go back and forth on if he's done the right things to fix the problem he inherited, but there's no question that the downturn began when President Clinton was in office, and they never mention that little fact.

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