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Jason Holliston
Monday, July 28, 2003  
How We Got Here and Where We're Going

If you haven't read Steven Den Beste's work, then you should. Period. Definitely one of the more intellegent bloggers on the Net, and one of the few that I make every attempt to read on a daily basis.

So, he's put together a strategic overview of the War on Terror (read: the war against anti-Western Islamic terrorist groups and the countries that support them, but the "War on Terror" fits much better at the bottom of the FOX News screen) in outline form, and it's a rather good, decently quick read. I'd love to have everyone I know read this, as it probably explains the state of the war and the fundamental reasons behind it much better than you'll see in anything short of a full length book.

Anyone that has been bombarded by disinformation from the Far Left and media outlets like the New York Times and Reuters should read this and really think about what it's saying. For example, one reason why we were attacked, which I agree with:

America is secular. Islamic religious zealots have been preaching that much of Arab/Islamic failure happens because Muslims have not been sufficiently devout. Allah has not been fighting on their side because they were sinners who have turned away from the teachings of the Prophet and a true virtuous life. The zealots claimed that only by embracing extreme forms of Islam could they again gain Allah's favor and begin to succeed. But the US government and the American people do not follow those teachings, and America is a success. At the same time, in the nations where the extremists took power things got even worse. American success is heresy. In religious terms the only explanation for that is that America is in league with Satan, and Khomeinei said as much.

You mean it's not because we're selling Big Macs in Cairo? What a shock! Have fun.

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