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Jason Holliston
Monday, July 21, 2003  
Bad News Sells

One of the lead stories on Yahoo! today was not just that another U.S. soldier were killed, but that it "...piles pressure on U.S.". How many people that read these stories take this, on a subconscious level, that Reuters is painting an unbiased, unslanted, neutral picture of what's going on over there? Like I wrote during the war, I honestly don't have a problem with bias in the media, as long as it's up front and people know that there's an agenda, on some level, behind the reporting. What was the last time you saw an AP or Reuter's article taking the lead on some of these news sites expressing good news about Iraq? I haven't seen very many, if at all, even though there's plenty of good news to tell. An American soldier getting killed is certainly worthy of attention, but so is the fact that Saddam's minders are gone, hundreds of uncensored newspapers litter the streets, Internet cafes and satellite television is gaining incredible popularity, and freedom of speech, expression, religion, and association is being excercised throughout Iraq.


"...adding to an almost daily toll of casualties that is putting pressure on Washington to scale back its role in Iraq."

Who is applying the pressure? A couple democratic presidental nominees, some Europeans, Islamo-fascists, and well-meaning people that haven't thought through what it would mean if we did pull out, even partially. It would be a disaster of incredible proportions.

They died as Iraq's week-old self-rule body again failed to resolve the basic issue of who will lead the U.S.-appointed Governing Council.

Wow, a week old group of politicians have yet to figure out who among them will be number one. How odd. Yep, it's a failure already.

With many Iraqis also keen to be rid of the occupying forces and rule themselves now that Saddam Hussein is gone, the Council seems to many to be making slow progress.

Many, eh? Have you read the latest polls on that, unbiased newsperson? Only a small amount of Iraqis want us to leave immediately (link later... it's getting late).

An Arab television channel aired comments by masked gunmen who claimed attacks on Americans were an Islamic holy war and not, as U.S. officials say, the work of Saddam loyalists.

Again, this comes down to who you trust, in general, but to believe that none of the attacks are from Saddam or his people is patently rediculous.

If you haven't read the stories linked to below, I urge you to.

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