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Jason Holliston
Friday, June 27, 2003  
Well Said!

A friend of mine encouraged me to read an article by a man named Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online. After reading a few of his columns, I'm impressed, and thought I'd pass it along. This guy speaks my language. His views on the current en vogue nature of anti-Americanism is right on, and I coudn't agree more with his recommendations on what do about it.

Keep quieter and carry a far bigger stick. Methodically and politely transfer, redeploy, and reduce troops from countries that have opposed our efforts of the past two years or whose populations simply profess no overt support for the United States. Seek real friends — the fewer the better — in Eastern Europe, on the Black Sea, or around the Gulf who want American troops as a reflection of genuine mutual security needs, appreciate the economic stimulus such bases provide, and quite simply like the United States.

His point being, if you don't like us, know that we don't like being taken for granted, and that's exactly what's going on in places like Germany and South Korea. I don't hate these people for disliking us and our presence, sometimes in their country and other just around the world in general, but don't mistake my forgiving nature for acquiescence to the status quo. We should go, and we shouldn't complain. The fact is, there are many nations that like us and could benefit from us right now, and our focus should be on them. The cold war is over, and that, coupled with post-9/11 realities, changes the nature of all these old dipomatic, economic, and security-related ties.

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