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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, May 07, 2003  
Political Images?

The volume is rising in Washington, D.C. about the president’s stop over on the USS Abraham Lincoln last week. So is the hot air. I think it’s amazing if anyone is falling for these political attacks, other than the people that already hate President Bush, of course. Senator Robert Byrd is at the top of the list, spouting silly rhetoric about how he is “loath to think of an aircraft carrier being used as an advertising backdrop for a presidential political slogan.'” Oh dear. Yes, I’m sure that was the only benefit of this Presidential visit. The Democrats are saying that it took “'nerve required to delay the return of 4,000 sailors to their families after 10 months at sea in order to stage (a) photo-op”. Right. I challenge them to interview the sailors that got to meet the Commander-In-Chief if they are upset about it.

What does this really come down to? The amount of money spent to go out there? The morale boost of the sailors is worth something, I would think. Is it that he’s landing on an aircraft carrier instead of meeting them on the shore? Again, having the President of the United States fly out to meet you, your Commander in Chief, must be an amazing feeling, and certainly makes much more of an impression than talking at a podium in San Diego Is it that he landed the plane himself? He’s a pilot, remember. Talk to any pilot, and ask them that if they had a chance to land tail hook style, would they take that opportunity.

Essentially, this comes down to pure politics. The Democrats must be pretty worried about 2004 to be putting such a high profile to such silliness.

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