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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, April 09, 2003  
Tipping Point

Watching FOX News right now, and Iraqis are in the process of ripping down a huge statue of Saddam right in the heart of Baghdad! This is it, people -- what we've been waiting for. The war's not over, but this isn't some city that revolted after the '91 war. This is the center of the evil regime's political power base, and the citizens of Iraq feel safe in publicly showing their joy of liberation for the world to see. Any doubts that I had are gone. Any doubts that anyone had should be gone. The evidence is here that this is probably the most moral war America has ever fought, and my heart swells with pride that I live in a country that has the strength -- both the military kind and the inner kind -- to tell countries like France, Germany, and Russia that they're wrong, and this is the right thing to do.

What are the protesters going to do, now, after seeing these images? How can they live with themselves claiming to be protesting for the Iraqi people when it's now completely obvious that we're doing the right thing?

Update: Just when you thought that the protesters wouldn't have anything to come back with, you're floored -- again. Talking with a co-worker of mine this morning, I crowed about the astounding scene in Baghdad this morning. His response: American government propoganda. Wow. Again, wow. This is what I keep complaining about; the automatic distrust of government and corporations (not healthy skepticism) that prevails among these people. No matter what they hear, see, or smell, if it shows them to be in error, it's always something they can fall back upon so they don't have to deal with the blinding light of Truth (capital 'T', baby).

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