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Jason Holliston
Friday, April 04, 2003  
Invoking the Name of Pope John Paul

Have you noticed the sudden respect that the Pope has received during the past few months? I sure have. I think it's interesting how people that would usually rail against organized religion -- or at the very least, the Catholic Church and her leader -- are suddenly invoking the name of Pope John Paul II as the obvious moral authority, and one whose words must be recognized and followed. These are the same people who, when the Pope told them that birth control, pre-marital sex, and abortion were sins and morally abhorrent, rejected his words out of hand, dismissing the leader of the Christian Church as out of touch with the times and irrelevant. Well, who is he? Is he the lead moral authority on Earth, or just some silly old man with a funny hat? You can't have it both ways.

My personal view about his stance on this war are one of a conservative, American Catholic who happens to disagree (which is fully allowed in the Catholic Church with secular events such as this) with him, but understands and respects his view.

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