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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, April 02, 2003  
The Greatest Military Campaign in History

I'm watching the O'Reilly Factor right now, and he's talking to a few military analysts. They're talking about a memo received from the 3rd ID from a reliable source. It says that since deploying in Iraq, they've taken 7 casualties (including MIA and POW), and the people who's job it is to count the numbers killed say 20,000. 20,000. That's a large part of two complete divisions, plus others. They're talking about how ridiculous it is -- Iraqi Fedayeen and Republican Guard charging Abrams Main Battle Tanks with an AK-47's and just getting cut down by the hundred. This also includes the death from above -- our Navy and Air Force assets.

Now, on one hand, I'm proud as hell of my countries military and our planners. I don't think people outside America can really understand how reassuring it feels to be protected by such a force. It's not arrogance -- just simple security and a bit of pride (oh hell, I'll be truthful -- maybe a bit more than a little pride!) On the other hand, why won't they freaking surrender? I know some of the reasons -- pride, nationalism, fear of the populace, etc., but come on -- this is suicide. I wish I'd hear more of the white flag rather than this slaughter. Freedom comes at such a high price sometimes, doesn't it?

It's incredible that we're still hearing and reading, from a lot of media sources, that things aren't going great, our military planners screwed up, the people in the Iraqi street aren't welcoming us, etc. Why is this? Is it because some of these media people have agendas? Is it because bad news always sells better than good news? As far as the military campaign goes, how could you call this -- so far -- anything but a complete and absolute success? As far as the Iraqi street goes, look at this news article. Enough said, I think. Anyone that tries to argue that this is not liberation of a willing people is either ignorant, a liar or a complete moron. From where I sit, this couldn't be going any better, except I would have liked to see a lot more people surrender, and not commit suicide.

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