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Jason Holliston
Monday, April 07, 2003  
Dumb Journalism

It drives me crazy when I read something like this in a Reuters news article:

In Baghdad, hospitals battled with a constant stream of civilian dead and injured. Doctors said they were running short of anesthetics and medical equipment.

Nine Iraqis, including a baby, were killed when two houses were flattened in a smart suburb of western Baghdad in what witnesses said was a U.S. air raid.

First, how does the writer know that the dead and injured are civilians? They know very well that Iraqi military and paramilitary have been throwing their uniforms off to pose as civilians, either to escape the fighting, or to gain a bit more surprise with Coalition Forces. They state it as fact, though, with no supporting evidence. Bad journalism.

Second, what's the deal with "...including a baby..."? That's not reporting -- that's an attempt for a visceral emotional response from the reader. Eh. Tell it straight, people.

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